31 January 2014

Workaholism: Death Becomes Her

I have mentioned recently that I love my job. Sure, who doesn't? Wait. What?

So, here's the real deal: I do like what I do. I market and sell wines, from the reasonably priced to the "there-goes-my-kids'-college-fund" level, seven days a week. Yes, seven goddamned days a week.

Last weekend, from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, I worked a grand total of 40 hours, most of it on my feet pouring wine for people too intoxicated to articulate what they even seek in their booze. (I did have the great good fortune of doing so side-by-side with some of my best friends, so that is definitely a plus!)

Last night, I was working at 10:30 p.m., and woke up to be back in front of my computer at 7:30 a.m. today. I'm taking the time right now when I should ostensibly be showering to whine on my pin-hole blog. Whatever. Showers are for losers.

24 January 2014

It's Okay to Love Rosé

Rosé wine got a bad rap at some point. I'm not sure when it happened, culturally speaking, but when I first started drinking wine, my reaction to Rosé was "Ugh, Rosé. Gross." (Because a girl who mainly purchased magnums of Yellow Tail and Barefoot should be judging wine varieties. Obviously.)

Actually, come to think of it, I can pinpoint - historically - when things went pear shaped for Rosé:


Mostly, we should blame Nixon, I think. I'm sure he was a White Zinfandel enthusiast. (No, not really.) Let's shift blame to Spiro Agnew, then? 

22 January 2014

Learning to be a Glass Act

or Why Are There So Many Different Goddamned Wine Glasses?

Originally written sometime last weekend

What I'm Drinking: Chateau Lanessan (2002)
There is a very good reason that there are a zillion different shapes of wine glasses. Typically, I am of the school of thought that goes a little something like, "if it gets the job done, it is the right tool for the job right now," and certainly, that can apply to wine, wine glasses, this clever man, and so on. But I like the idea of lots of wine glasses that are appropriate for different wines because it's all backed up by science! Plus, wine glasses are pretty.