"Life is the farce which everyone is forced to perform."
- Rimbaud

I'm the sort of person who spends an entire day
sketching out this dude to be used on an
invitation to a Summer Solstice party we never
had because I loved the nonsensical phrase,
"party like a pagan" and also, beer!

This blog is generally a collection of thoughts, rants, and somewhat disorganized observations of what life has been doing to me - and I to it - on and off for the last few years, a haphazard chronicle of my experience being funemployed (and under-employed), and the adventures, relationships, occasional craftiness, and everything else therein.

I'm a 29 year old misanthrope with a professional background in marketing, an MA in human rights, and a shitty temp job processing data. Most of the time, I can't get out of my own way, but I do like writing about it.

The header artwork is entirely original, for anyone wondering, though my self-portrait (such that it is) is quite influenced by DC's Harley Quinn. The font I used for the header is a free font called "Jellyka - le Grand Saut" and I snagged it (and a ton of other great fonts) from dafont.com. I created the graphic using only Microsoft Word, because I can't afford decent design software. Donations gladly accepted.

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